Special Poodles for Special People at Reasonable Prices
Groomrooms Miniature Poodles

"Groomroom's Doc Holiday"

                ln Lumby BC.

If you are looking for a dog that does not shed, is not too big and not


to small.  A dog that can be groomed in a traditional poodle clip or


shaped to your preference.  A dog that is highly intelligent as well as


beautiful. A dog that is protective towards strangers but can also run


and play with the children. A dog that is guaranteed by the breeder


for 2yrs against any crippling  genetic disorders, wth six weeks of


health insurance for Canadians adopting a CKC registered  puppy.


     Well if all this sounds good to you then you have just found the


                                                 " Miniature Poodle"


Tried and true, the miniature poodle has proven itself over and over


again as an excellent companion and a wonderful addition to the



"Groomroom's Billy Ray Cyrus" AKA "Brandy"  Emily, Brandy's best friend, sent me this photo of Brandy running through the park close to home. Brandy is being loved by Emily, Marcia and Juan in his forever home in Vancover BC

"Groomroom's BonJovi" AKA Joey enjoying the snow at home in Nelson BC with Priscilla and her family.

 "Groomroom's Jumpin Jack Flash" AKA :Charlie          

          Is relaxing at home  in Dawson Creek BC

                   being loved by Dorothea.

A typical 5 week old miniature poodle

  puppy, Average lifespan 14-15yrs.

I would like to thank everyone that has sent me pictures of your new family members so that I could include them on my website.

Thank you all very  much!!!

Wooohooo!!!  Presley found some snow in Victoria BC

Gracie is Owned and Loved by Jennifer & Doug in Langley BC

"Groomroom's Love Bandit" is now living on a horse farm with his playpals Wendy(the Incredible 60lb.Whippet), and Fox another Whippet Congrats to both Bandit and Ingrid on Bandit earning his CD title as Companion Dog with the CKC. Great news!!! .  Last of 3 photos Rosie(Mom) and Bandit(Son) together again. Lotsa fun gettin down on the farm.


One month old puppy from Rosie & Ozzy

Beautiful shot of Charlie and Angel


           at sitters house saying






                    Mom & Dad


Groomroom's McSteamy AKA Montique is living with and being loved by Stacey, Jordon and Autumn in Fort St John BC. Looks like he has made fast friends with the cat too.

We have adopted puppies out 

all over 

North America, 

so if you need 

references, we can provide them upon request.


Little Eloise is now being loved by Helen in Vancouver BC

Groomroom's Miniature Poodles

       Special poodles for special people @ reasonable prices


Our gorgeous little Sophia relaxing at her forever home in Vancouver BC. 

     "Groomroom's Cowboy Cassanova" AKA: Moki is now sharing his life and being loved by Jane and Evan in Victoria BC


" Groomroom's  Work of Art"

               AKA : Fisher 

 Is now sharing his life and being loved by Roz and  family          in  Ontario Canada

" Groomroom's  Whisper Grandeur"

                 AKA: Morgan     

Is now living with and sharing his life with  Rose in Malakwa BC.

Fargo is on Gabriola Island sharing his life and being loved by Diane

"Groomroom's Four Wheel Drive"  AKA:Jet  Just received the photo from Maureen and Stan. It is obvious that he has a wonderful home and they are just so happy with him. He is one of Coquette and Nathan's  boys from September litter  2012

" Groomroom's  Little Red  Bear"

              AKA: Little Bear 


Now living and loving his new family in Eagle  Creek  Eldy , Mike and 2 Standards. His new bestie pictured here is Zak. Looks like they are both enjoying each others company Both Miniatures here are from us.  the other little guy they also adopted from us.

Groomroom's Red Headed Stranger Aka Ricco at home enjoying the flowers on a gorgeous summer day. Living with and being loved by Carolyn in Red Deer Alberta.


    feeding for good health and long life video below:


"Groomroom's Bella at Twilight"  

                  AKA: Merry           

  Sharing her life and love with 

  Bob and Anne in Keswick,  Ontario

Euro was ordered when Leslie was living in France before moving back to Canada and she had spotted her on our website. She has now gone home to the Yukon and her forever home :)


"Groomroom's Bella in Twighlight"  AKA Bella 

sittin on the quad waiting for a ride. Come on Dad lets Boogie. Spoiled and very much loved sharing her life with  Shirley and Dale  in Princton BC  living the winter months in Mexico :) Lucky dog


"Groomroom's Rockin Red Robin" is sharing his life and love with Camilla in Calgary Alberta


Merry  Chillaxing with Bob (Dad)

 on the bed one of my favorite things :) I appear to be black   in this photo, but I am a  rich  Chocolate Brown  Bob has also

Adopted a little brown girl and a little              black boy. Lucy and Luke                                                                                    


"Groomroom's Edward in Twilight" AKA: Jette has found his forever home with Elysia, Barbara and family near Kamloops BC. Lovely photo :)


This little guy "Barney" is enjoying his life and love with Ellie 

ice fishing in Calgary


    "Groomroom's Red Headed Stranger" 

      AKA Ricco and the cat Kobey are being                 loved by Carolyn in                

 Calgary Alberta

Groomroom's Jacob in Twilight

has gone to share his love and life with Graham and Penny in Princeton BC


Groomrooms Red Sunset  AKA Barney 



Cassie- Bunny and Mickie's dog Vancouver Island.

How sweet she is :)


Groomroom's Red Sunset in class and passing the socialization with all these big dogs. How brave he is. AKA Barney


Enzo doing puppy classes sharing his life and love with Nick and Mona in Vancouver BC


Enzo relaxing in the sun at home with Nick and Mona in Vancouver BC


Puppy deposits are a way to reserve the puppy for you. The reserve deposit is non-refundable reserve deposits, to hold your puppy.       



I can not hold a puppy without a commitment to the puppy for the life of the dog. This is a very serious commitment and should not be entered into lightly or on a whim. Buying a puppy in a pet store is very dangerous and usually are bought on a whim. Once you walk out the door they just sold a life. And they don't care more than that. Puppy Mills are supported by Pet  stores.

I am not a pet store or a Puppy Mill, and offer you much more than a pet store  would for a puppy than a pet store could ever do. 

Please think seriously before adding a puppy as a new member to your family.


A puppy grows into an adult, they  are not until dogs, until I have kids, until I move, until they get old.  Forever homes mean just that "Forever".

My babies are not garage dogs, basement dogs or yard dogs. And deserve a safe place with a loving family that will love them forever. That will take them for grooming, feed good food not cheap garbage. Raw is the best, not over vaccinating is very important to me. Vet care if and when needed, without thought to cost.

  Pet Health Insurance that I provide  should be extended by you once the 6  weeks runs out as accidents happen in seconds. One lady adopted a puppy from me and within the week there was an accident and she saved

lots of money having  the extra insurance on the dog. It is very much a  life saver.

 Please think before making a...   


The only thing that you must know besides all this is that if somehow you can not keep the dog, get in touch with me. I will take the puppy back. I will re-home it and  if any money is exchanged, I will send some back to you. I have had to re-home a couple of dogs and I do check everyone out.


Enzo enjoying his camping trip at Cultus Lake with Mona and Nicholas 2015


Autumn in her new bed. Now being loved in Calgary with Lori


Autumn in her new bed, looks like she has a buddy to share it with. Willow is her best buddy now.


Groomroom's Great Pumpkin AKA: Leo

Now sharing his life and love with Sara and Tena in Kelowna BC


Jaxon AKA: "Groomroom Lezerin Artist Touch" getting socialized for his first show very soon. Sharing his love and life with Leslie and all the other dogs in Saskatchewan Canada 

Our little man got his Championship and as of May 2018 has gained his Grande Championship  has sired his first litter already with one  beautiful black girl named Jolene achieving her Championship.  GroomRoomsMiniaturePoodles is very proud of Jaxon and his achievements.

1st photo puppy, 2nd puppy photo Champion, 3rd photo Grand Champion.

These puppies now are from a repeat breeding of Johnas and Chloe


Teddy has found his forever home with Charlie -the little dog on the left-Julie and Gary in Calgary Alberta Canada


This little girl is- Euro Harry's big sister- (above). Another repeat adopter of our babies. Sharing her life and love with Leslie and Johnathan and of course Harry  in the Yukon.

 If by chance you have sent me photos of your puppy or dog and I haven't added them to the website yet. Please resend them. I have saved them to my photos but some don't have names and I don't want to guess at it. I try to get everyone up that has a good image, some may not have made the cut as they are a little blurry or the shot wasn't clear. I try to keep everything current and up to date

                              Note Our Email account may have changed since you last looked to email me. It is now:       

 "Groomrooms Billy the Kid"  AKA: Jessie


"Groomroom's Cisco Kid"

At home being loved by

Jill & Richard in Burns Lake  BC

Please anyone that has sent me a photo and I haven't included them on our site, let us know. I am proud of all of the dogs that I have bred and would love to get all of them on the website. Thank you very much :)  PS thanks Jill for sending the photo for me to put up :) 


 "Groomroom's Cowboy Cassinova" 

AKA Moki

 He is now 8 years old living the living and being 

loved by  Evan and Jane 

on Vancouver Island BC

Another very lucky dog.


"Groomroom's Bella" sharing her life with Groomroom's Little Fabio aka:Jasper and Bella being loved by he rest of my daughters family. Looks like they love them both. Wait until they get a red... I will be elated.

 "Groomrooms Amazing Gracie" is playing ball at home in Langley BC

Milo has a new toy to play with. Being loved by Janice and her family in Surrey BC

      "Groomroom's Just A Country Boy"

AKA: Jasper is now living  with Patty, Jason  &

       the kids in Parksville BC on beautiful

 Vancouver Island.

Charlie and Angel

Has found a wonderful home on Baimbridge Island Washington, being loved by David and his Mother.

              "Groomroom's Earth Angel "                          AKA:Anjelita 

Just showing you what a pretty little girl   

                she is  in Victoria BC

"Groomrooms Ring Around Rosie" retired from breeding found her forever home with son,Bandit. Loving and being loved by Ingrid on Vancouver Island

 "Groomroom's Spicy Tango " 

 AKA Cassie

 This pretty little girl has found her forever homewith Bunny & Mickey in

   Cambell River BC

 This little beauty is Ruby  living and    being loved by Wendy and Ian in Alberta

Vivian and Pixi living in Vancouver BC  Canada


Sammie Moosmann


This little beauty is Moxi another show dog, sharing her life and exciting show memories with 

Peggy in Alberta


This again is Bella sharing her love and life with  Shirley and Dale in Princeton BC


My daughter's second puppy from us. Her name is Bella as Quite a popular name. She is a true brown poodle, so probably exhausted from the exciting day she has had.


Jasper found his forever home with the  Lythall Family in Taylor BC


This is my Son In Law with his little girl Bella in Ontario Canada. They are  in conversation about how the day is going to unfold. He really did not want my daughter to bring her home but guess what, he is in love and Bella is his baby now.


        GroomRoom's Orange Pekoe 

This is little Pekoe who has gone to share her life and love with Jennifer and Steve in Pincher Creek Alberta. One of Ginger and Baron's babies. Is a very lucky puppy and Daddy is a very good photographer. She has already been to her first show as a baby puppy.

GroomRooms Valentino AKA Willie was placed in a wonderful home and loved by Denis and Lorna. But  when illness prevented the family from keeping the dog, they got in touch and I took the dog back. I am very happy to say that he has found a forever home with one of my best friends. The one that got me into pure bred dogs. She loves him and says you would have to kill her to get that dog away from her now. it was a very easy choice to make with her being a dog trainer that loves animals as much as she does.


This is GroomRoom's Mystery Magic AKA Misty

This little girl has been sent to PEI and LeeAnn Jackson of LeeAnn's Poodles. She will hopefully turn into a great show dog and go along together with LeeAnn's pedigrees as well.

These two are sisters from the same litter.


This is the beautiful Jaxon We are so proud of his 

achievements. We are even happier that Leslie Jacobs

came and picked him out of the litter from Sask. to BC

He is very much loved and we know he has a great home.

Check  out our Adults available for Adoption on their page.

We have moved. Email Address the same, will update as we get settled.

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