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There are right foods to feed and wrong foods to feed, very important if you want to keep your pet healthy and living longer. Here are a couple of links to videos by Dr. Karen Becker DVM on what is in the foods that you have been feeding your dogs              

What to feed or Not to Feed

Satin Balls

This is a raw diet to add to what you are feeding if your dog is thin and has a hard time keeping weight on.

This is a recipe to help dogs that are underweight to add calories to their diet. It is veterinarian approved and a part of a raw diet that they love to start with.

I haven't been able to find Total Cereal so have been using Wheat Shreddies. I make the large recipe and put them into freezer bags so I can take out a few for the dogs that I have that use more calories than they are getting. Be careful not to let yourself feed as a treat, some people will over do that.They can get fat fast with this recipe.

You do not want to feel the ribs spine and hips and if you do, that is when you will need to add the calories. Raw diets are highly beneficial in putting weight onto a dog.


Mix Ingredience into a large bowl like you are making a meat loaf. I usually roll into balls and put them into freezer bags 10 to a bag and I take them out as I need a couple of balls for each dog, after what else I give them and you should start seeing a difference in a short amount of time. Keep track of your dog's weight gain. Once at the weight gain has been accomplished, you can usually give them less Satin Balls

This diet is given to dogs from rescue situations etc...

My reason is my studs usually use more calories than the girls, so need extra calories.

Raw diets are much better for Dogs in every way. If you have problems with weight loss it helps to works to help feed raw chicken with bones. Not cooked, raw

If your dog has skin problems, other than insects like scabs, etc... It will help with that as well.

If the coat is dull and not looking good, this will help as well. The commercial foods are not what you think they are. If you want to know what goes into the dog food, watch the documentary

A Dog's Breakfast

It will open your eyes

Here is the link to Doc Zone with the Documentary

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Satin Balls

Satin Balls


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