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This is Willow our African

Grey Parrot. He is a real character and loves to keep us laughing.

Hatched Jan 1st, 1996.

The brown horse is Reba. We bred her mother Shadow Royal (Thoroughbred) to a paint stud. So Reba is the"paint that aint".


We lost her mom a couple of years ago at 33yrs.  Reba was born in 1996 . She is a very calm horse as long as we are going out with someone else. Isn't even having too many problems with weird looking animals like Alpacas. She is a beautiful horse. Nope not selling her.

poodle breeders

A jumble of cat and dogs cuddling on the big chair on a cold winter night.(big cat)

This is where our other babies get to shine.

     This is Mr. Tibbs-Neil's cat        2000-2017

This is our dear sweet baby Lacey. She is the one that brought us some of the top Champion Canadian bred bloodlines into our home. Sadly we had to make the decision to have her put to sleep and end the pain she was experiencing. Sad day, love you and miss you so much. Can't believe you are gone. Looking for you to cuddle with still...   almost a year gone and it still feels like yesterday...                    

December 12, 2012 12/12/12  We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Our little man Mr. Beau Jangles has left for the Rainbow Bridge. 2001-2012 Will miss you little guy see you again at the Rainbow Bridge...

This is Yoshi. Full of attitude. She was

my daughters cat until she moved out. Yoshi was born in 1996-2013 I thought 

it was time, losing weight more miserable than usual was telling me 17yrs was enough. Miss you so much Wait for me little girl at the rainbow bridge and I will be there soon ... Love you baby girl



the rag-doll brothers

   DOB   Sept 2013 

newest additions 


the last little kitty ragdoll is sister to her big brothers her name  is Zoey



Our beautiful Coquette came out of Lacey and has produced some very lovely puppies. She was dark brown as a puppy but they do fade due to the sun and being brown, they fade a little. 

                   Sept 2017

       Gone but never forgotten.

This is our first brown girl Candi attitude from day one when we adopted her from a lady in New York. She has produced some fine babies that have become wonderful pets. Very loving dog.



This is Neil and I, figured I should add a photo so you would know who we are

This is Theodore AKA "Theo"

Beautiful African Grey male, 7 yrs old and new to us.  


This is Jade. A very sweet Rotti that we have had since she was 8wks old.  We both loved her very much. We originally got her for the intimitating factor. But if you know a Rotti, then you know that while they are barking, their little stub tail is wagging and she is just saying "Hi" You get much closer and she may knock you down but it is only to lick you to death. She only got to 12yrs and that was not long enough for us, but it was long enough for her. We had to have her put down yesterday, a hard day for us and we miss you so much baby girl... Til we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge...

2003-August 12/2015


Our little Poppy girl. Can't tell you how much she is missed. went to take her to get her teeth cleaned and the vet, felt her tummy and said she had liver cancer. She had to stay with the vet. Terrible shock.


Our year old Standard Poodle "Paris". These photos were taken when she was about 4-5 months- she is pretty big now.  We loved her from the get go Beautiful girl

DOB Dec 29th, 2016 We tried so many names but nothing would stick. Now she is fitting her name. Personality Plus. Was planning to breed and show but her breeder decided that she didn't want to move forward with that. We love her very much and she gets along with the other dogs, cats, birds and even horses lol.


This is our resident moose, not by far all of them. There are some waiting in the back behind the house waiting their turn to eat the hay they are standing in front of.

This is the shed that I had Neil build so we could keep the horses fed and not all the moose in town. Seems to be working very well.


Our Policies 

OK so now you see that our animals are very important part of our lives. 

As far as our policies go, we believe in checking out all our potential adopters to make sure they will be the best forever home we can match one of our puppies with.

So we need to know all about you and your lifestyle need references with veterinarians, groomers and whatever else you can supply us with. We adopt our babies all out on non-breeding contracts and we need proof of surgery either spay/neuter done within the time that is stated on the contract with a certificate from the surgeon that preformed the surgery. If we do not receive the certificate by the time that is documented on the contract then that will make the 2 year guarantee null and void and the contract is considered broken. Therefore, you would not be forwarded the Canadian Kennel Club registration Certificate

Once the surgery has been completed on time, and forwarded by email to us, then your puppies registration certificate will be signed off on the back and forwarded to you as soon as the proof of spay/neuter has been forwarded to me.

You must understand that all of our animals be it dogs, puppies, cats, horses and Parrots are very much loved and we do not wish to adopt out to just anyone. Our adopters must love animals as much as we do and have the intent of making a forever loving home for any of our babies. So if you can't be bothered to send me your information, then don't waste your time or mine. We need all of this information in order to accept anyone as potential adopters. We also have a waitlist so you may want to get onto it. There is no charge and we send everyone on the list birth announcements the day of the birth. I do not have people waiting as in #1.#2 #3. What we do is first comes first served once the announcement has been made. It keeps it fair so I do not have to wait for all of the people to answer. I tried the other way and it just doesn't work.

Surprise surprise surprise Willow is a she not a he. Just found out after 22 years that willow is a girl by laying a couple eggs. We were surprised lol

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