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Adults for adoption

We have mature dogs that are looking for forever homes on occasion We are looking for the perfect homes for them. They are good dogs, quality dogs all must be spayed before they leave our home.

Chloe is a special girl that needs a special person that has experience with terriers and training ( brown poodles have more of a terrier personality than any other of the colours). If you are interested in her, please email and I can tell you more about her.  She will have one more litter before she is made available for adoption. She  must be spayed before going home. photo on our girls page -plus pedigree 4 yrs. Adoption fee is $800 plus  spayed

We have a puppy "Spice"that was born July 12th 2017 she is a real sweetheart. I kept her cause I love her. Just could not resist falling in  love with her. Her personality and her cute ways running every which way Needs an active family or active mom & dad to have fun with.   I can't keep them all so she is offered to a forever home. Her adoption fee is $1500 plus spay. If there is interest in her, please email us and tell us about your lifestyle, other pets, children, grandchildren, how  long would the puppy be left alone during the day and or night. Beliefs on vaccinations, de-worming and what you would be feeding the puppy on a daily basics.

Jasmine has been offered up for adoption, and we thought we could let her go to a forever home.

Figured we could handle it, but we were wrong. Looking at her registration certificate and realized that she is 7yrs old and will soon be 8 years old. She is the last of the line that we started with and Coquette's last puppy. So we have decided that her forever home is in the one she was born into. So she is where she belongs and we love her very much. Sorry to anyone who may have been looking at her for a pet.

There are puppies in the Nursery born April 7th red puppies the next litter April 11th brown/black litter. There is a brown girl and a brown boy that  require a reserve non- refundable deposit which will be applied to the adoption fee balance that would be paid upon delivery.

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