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                 Baron & Fancy






 This is our babies Baron and Fancy. Baron is our new boy, being shown by the breeder in Quebec. He will be our #1 stud for Fancy and Poppy.  Fancy is one of Lacey's babies from her last litter. We are keeping her because Lacey is now retired.  We will be updating Baron's carreer wins on this page.

Fancy watching tv and cuddling with Dad (quiet time)


Decided not to show Fancy, I had a hard winter and had a hard time keeping her coat up. She is a beauty though. Maybe I will decide to show her later myself, it would be cheaper than hiring a handler.

Fancy was born September 22nd, 2007. Baron born November 25, 2007.

Decided that one dog to show is enough. So Baron is the one we have decided would go on to get his championship.


We know that Fancy Pants is good enough to get her championship but keeping 2 puppies in coat and the expense involved is too much for us right now.



Might do it with another puppy another time but not with two at once. It is too much.



Baron has earned 2 points towards his Championship. August 16th.

 Will keep updating this as we go. Sure , miss the little guy. The show photo was taken right after he won his points. Sure is a little cutie.

September 21st he is up to 5 points now. He has afew more to go.

He did get more points but they were taken away when he was shown by someone else and entered as an owner breeder handler entry. A mistake but he is getting there .

He has recieved best puppy in breed several times-but silly as it is, that doesn't earn any points.


Well, that is the end of this show season and Baron has 6 points toward his championship. His last point he recieved on November 28th. He wasn't shown very much but was well socialized. I will be picking him up from YVR on tuesday, December 2nd, and if all goes well, we will be sending him back to Quebec  for the month of April 2009. I sure hope he remembers who we are. I had long hair when I sent him and after I took the dog clippers to my hair, well lets just say I don't have much left.



Here is Baron after winning his first 2 points-Winners Dog, Best of Opposite Sex and Best Puppy in Breed. He has grown since last time I seen him.   August 16th, 2008

Baron left yesterday April 4th for Quebec. I had a hard time leaving him at the airport. He was criing in his kennel. The plane was over 2hours late getting to Quebec which doesn't help. Anyways, he is going to finish his championship then be on his way home. He arrived safely and the handler said he is beautiful and will finish quickly. I hope so, I miss him already.


Will keep you posted.



Baron got 2 more points last weekend. April 25th weekend. Hopefully will finish next weekend. Then he can come home.



Just Got the News:




Baron is a New "Champion"






His last 2 wins were


Best of Breed!!!! We are very excited to say the least. His last day of showing will be June 4-5.

So we will be picking him up at YVR on the 9th. I can hardly wait!!! Will add his picture as soon as I get it. 

This is our little Baron being silly. It is taking a long time to get his last show picture and his ribbons for that matter. But we are still waiting and thought I would stick this picture in that I took of him today after I told him he was going to go have a bath to cool off. It has been so hot here.


Will put his show picture in it's place when I get one.....

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