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Candi & Ozzy's Babies


Nursery 2

                                                                                     Proud Momma "Candi"





Date of birth

September 7th, 2007


 Groomroom's Sweet Baby James "Available"

photo taken June 21, 2008



Young puppies are paper trained because of the weather here we don't put puppies outside. It can get down to - 30 c or more  in the winter.


 The older puppies are on their way to house training and the young adults are housetrained.


I don't recommend puppies to stay on paper training for very long if the weather isn't bad. It can cause confussion later when triing to housetrain.

Photo taken at 6 weeks.


Only a deposit will hold

the puppy that you want.

These boys are well on their way to being housetrained. They are very smart and loving. They love quiet time, cuddling.

Pricing on these puppies have been lowered due to their age. They are getting older and we would like to have them bond to their forever family as soon as possible.

The prices for these guys is $500.00 from $800.00 that is the pet price and they must be neutered. If you want them for breeding the cost would be $1200.00


  "Cyrus" Has been Adopted



Cyrus is going home to Vancouver on June 30th.

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