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If it gets to the point that you have made the decision to adopt one of our puppies, there is a couple of documents that I will need you to read and sign before you are able to acquire one of our puppies.

If you have decided that you do not want to breed or show your dog, then you will be required to sign the CKC non-breeding Agreement. This does not mean that you will not get registration certificate for your dog. Every dog leaves here with a certificate sent to the new home within afew weeks to a few months.


You would also read and sign my contract that states that you will have the puppy spayed/neutered by 8 months of age. It requires proof of the surgery from a veterinarian with him scanning the puppy for the microchip and including it in the file to prove in fact that the dog that I sold to you has been sterilized by 8 months of age.


If you do not abide by our agreement, then the guarantee that I give with every puppy shall become null and void. The contract that you sign for the CKC would also come to you as a non-breeding dog so that any puppies produced by this dog would never be recognized and any puppies produced would never be registered with the CKC. The only way this can be changed is if you come to me to ask for me to have the non-breeding agreement reversed. Then I would decide if the dog is of the quality to be used for breeding.



The reason that  there are different prices between pet and breeding is simple. It is to allow you to get a quality pet at a reasonable price. We can not keep them all and more often than not most of the show quality dogs do go as pets.  The differences between show and pet could be so minor that most people would never know the difference.


I do not sell to just anyone.  I do check people out as much as possible and am quite confident that when I finally bring or send one of my puppies away to their new homes that they are not going to a puppy mill type of situation. Puppy mills are everywhere and they are the people that supply pet stores. A reputable breeder would never sell to a pet store.


If you want a breeding dog, you will have to pay for a breeding dog. If you want a pet, the prices are less. I pay for breeding dogs when I send away for a puppy and that is how that works. I want to know about the homes that my puppy is going to and how long they would be left alone during the day. What type of family you have, ie, children, other pets, grandchildren, if you are able to take proper care of a poodle. Concerning the coat, the vet bills that may come at the worse possible time. That's usually what happens. It usually happens that the dog needs emergency help on a Sunday. The worse day of the week for Veterinarian care.  I guess the vet doesn't mind because they can make a great deal more money if it is a Sunday.


Most people are afraid to purchase a puppy on-line. I can fully understand that.  I started 30 years ago buying dogs.  I bought my first pair of dogs ( Shih-tzu) from Ontario, sight unseen (before anyone knew what they were). I was afraid then, but it worked out alright. I have bought most of my dogs from Ontario sight unseen and have never had any problems. You just have to be careful who you deal with.


Our Contract is written below. The CKC non-breeding agreement would be filled out along with our non-breeding contract/2yr guarantee at the time that you receive your puppy or be emailed to you for you to fill out before you adopt the puppy.


If you have any questions about this page, please don't hesitate to email or call us.






miniature poodle puppies for adoption.

All puppies shown on this page have found their forever homes.


I will only hold a puppy with a deposit of half the adoption fee .


If you would like to be on our waiting list, just email or call. Let us


know the sex  and colour you prefer.  We would then notify you


when we have what you are looking for.

 Reserve Deposits are non-refundable and is half the cost of the puppy you adopt.

Have decided not to put the contract below. If and when  You decide to adopt one of our babies, we will send you our contract and the non breeding agreement from the Canadian Kennel Club.

Puppy Classes, obedience classes etc... helps to socialize and bond to the family that has adopted them.  Less issues and helps to let the dog know acceptable behavior and un-acceptable behavior. More positive experiences the better for a puppy as they are growing up. 

Puppy deposits are non-refundable "Reserve" deposits, to hold your puppy. "Commitment"

I can not hold a puppy without a commitment to the puppy for the life of the dog. This is a very serious commitment and should not be entered into lightly or on a whim. Buying a puppy in a pet store is very dangerous and usually are bought on a whim. Once you walk out the door they just sold a life. And they don't care more than that. 

Puppy Mills are supported by pet stores.

I am not a pet store or a Puppy Mill.

A puppy grows into an adult, they  are not "until" dogs, until I have kids, until I move, until they get old.  Forever homes mean just that

 Forever 12-15 years The life of the dog. Convenience is not a good excuse to let go of your bff.  He would never do that to you.

My babies are not garage dogs, basement dogs or yard dogs. And deserve a safe place with a loving family that will love them forever. That will take them for grooming, feed good food not cheap garbage. Blue Buffalo has killed dogs, so has Iams  all commercial dog foods have killed dogs. I am very much against over vaccination as well. I does also kill dogs. Vet care provided if and when needed, without thought to cost.


Pet Health Insurance that I provide  should be extended by you once the 6 weeks runs out as accidents happen in seconds. One lady adopted a puppy from me and within the week there was an accident and she saved thousands having the extra insurance on the dog. It is very much a  life saver.

Please think before making a "Commitment"

Also I think you should read the last page, it gives you the option and lets you know some things that you may not be aware of.




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