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If you are interested in one of our puppies but now is not the time, we can put you on our waiting list. Just let us know what sex, colour, pet or show & breeding. Then let us know about you, your family, children, grandchildren, other pets, how long the puppy would be left alone everyday. We like

to know abit about where one of our babies may be going.



We can not hold a puppy without a deposit. The deposit is usually


half of the adoption fee. Pet homes are prefered over breeders.


We do deliver by land for a fee, and we do ship puppies.


The shipping charges would be added to the adoption fee and must


be recieved before the puppy is shipped.

Litter of all brown puppies from Candi and Ozzy


                    (the little girl has the blue collar on)

Future Planned Litters                   2017

Reserve Deposits are non refundable.

 We have a wait list so if you are interested, shoot us an email with information of what you are looking for, information about your lifestyle other pets, children, grand children etc... and we will let you know how our wait list works.


Tess and Johnas bred last night for a brown and black litter Due Sept 1st 2016

Ginger has been AI'd May 10th to Baron. So you can count out 63 days and that should be the day that she is due to have the babies.

We will be taking the pick girl and pick boy out of this litter.

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