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healthy, healing products for your pets be it a cat or dog

This is the page that we are offering top of the line professional grooming products. Shampoos, conditioners that you don't find in those big chain pet stores. I know, I have looked and thought that maybe others are looking too.







Top Quality products used by groomers on their own pets be it for show or just for their best buddy. We carry pet shampoos,  conditioners and grooming supplies.

These are Spectrum products. They are all natural healing shampoos and conditioners that are very highly concentrated. Right now I only have the smaller bottles mainly the 16oz size. The products on this page do not contain salt therefore they do not suds up like regular shampoos.   Products containing salt drys out the skin and strips the coat. Because these products must be diluted I have mixing bottles for $2.95 each.


Amazoats Oat Shampoo  Consentrate........ 16 oz.  $15.75       


An oatmeal shampoo like no other, this mild blend demonstrates excellent antioxidant properties, which help heal hot spots and other skin conditions, while adding protein and lipids to produce a beautiful healthy coat. A slight maple fragrance makes it  pleasant to work with  best results achieved at a dilution rate of 7:1.


Directions: Dilute up to 7:1 with warm water. Apply liberally to animal's wet coat, massaging into coat & skin with fingertips. Let stand for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thouroughly with warm water. Repeat if necessary. Lasts a long time when deluted.







Elk Velvet Antler Shampoo Concentrate..........16oz. $16.75




Elk Velvet is harvested on an Elk Farm in Idaho at precisely the correct stage of velvet antler growth. Elk Velvet contains Growth Hormones, Collagen, Glucosomine Chondroiten and natural  Anti-inflammatory properties. Blended into an all natural, Coconut Oil based shampoo concentrate. This product not only cleans and conditions the coat, it acts as a catalyst to deliver the Elk Velvet Antler into the animals's skin where it is absorbed. Great for older animals and those  with joint problems. Helps elleviate pain.


Directions: Dilute up to 15:1 with warm water. Apply liberally to wet coat, and work into a lather. Massage into the skin. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat process if necessary.






Safely Stinky Dog Shampoo

 Eucolyptus/Citronella Shampoo Concentrate........16oz  $15.75




A blend of Eucalyptus/Citronella oils are combined in an anoinic/nonionic shampoo base, to create this highly effective shampoo. Also contains a powerful wetting agent, which allows the shampoo to be applied to a dry coat, leaving it with a healthy glow. Our grooming customers have also informed us that it is the best "de-skunker" they have ever used!!!  Safely contains no pestisides and is extremely economical to use with a uggested dilution of 10:1



Directions:  Dilute up to 10:1 with warm water. Apply liberally to animal's coat, eithe wet or dry. Work into a lather, starting from the head and working downward. Briskly massage into skin. Let stand for 2-5 minutes & rinse completely. Repeat if necessary.








Silk Supreme Silk Protien Shampoo

Concentrate for all coats...................16oz $12.75



A luxurious shampoo containing hydrolyxed silk protein with natural lipids to cleanse, condition, and add shine to coats. Greatly improves manageabillity of coats, especially damaged and long-haired coats. Highly concentrated 15:1




Directions: Shake well before each use. Dilute 15 parts warm water with 1 part shampoo concentrate. Thoroughly wet amimal's coat. Apply diluted shampoo liberally, especially on the tangles. Massage into a lather. Rinse completely. Repeat if desired. Follow with Silk System Creme Rinse Conditioner Consentrate.







Soothe Medicated Pet Spray.....................8oz. $13.75





Developed as a healing aid for pets with hot spots, cuts, bites, and itchy dermatitis. This medicated spray gets its strengh from the Austrailian Tea Tree bush, and can be used every 3-5 hours or as necessary. Relieves the itching and pain, as well as soothes irritated skin. A safe but bitter substance is also added to prevent wound licking or biting. Our customers and employees have found that the uses for Sooth seem endless.





Directions: Shake well before using Use in a spray bottle. Spray on hot spots, sores etc... ever 3-5 hours, or as needed.







Vita-Magic Vitamin E Enriched Shampoo Concentrate...............16oz $12.95




Made with the highest grade of Vitamin E  available, this shampoo will restore damaged coats to their full luster. Blended with the same gentle shampoo as Aloe-Magic, itis highly effective, even when diluted 10:1



Directions: Dilute up to 10:1 with warm water. Apply liberally to wet coat. working into a rich lather. Massage into skin. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat process if nessesary.




Hi-Pro Protien Shampoo Concentrate.................16oz  $13.95




This cherry-almond scented shampoo is formulated with the best protein available on the market. Hi-Pro helps to maintain a glowing healthy coat. We've included enough protein in the formula to still be very effective diluted 15:1






Directions: Dilute up to 15:1 with warm water. Thoroughly wet animal's coat. Apply diluted shampoo liberally and massage into a lather. Rinse completely & repeat if nessesary.










Miraculous Cactus

Prickly-Pear Cactus Conditioning treatment...........................16oz $14.75





A specialized conditioning treatment which restores damaged coats to a full-bodied shine, while moisterizing and soothing dry, itchy skin. The active ingredient, harvested from free range cacti, is a natural insect repellent and healing agent ideal for relieving fleabite dermatitis, hot spots, wounds and other skin conditions. Works great as a spray-on, leave in conditioner.




Directions: For a conditioner, dilute up to 3:1 with warm water. Apply to wet coat and massage completely throughly. Repeat if nessesary. For use as a spray on leave in conditioner, dilute up to 30:1 with warm water. Spray on coat after shampooing & comb throughout  the coat.









Caution: Avoid direct contact in pet's eyes & ears. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children & pets.








If you are wanting gallons of shampoo, I can get them, I just have to order them in.

 Will be getting more of both lines in soon. Will also be bringing in show supplies as well as grooming tools.












This is our #1 All Systems line of shampoos and conditioners. I will be getting more in and adding them to my list as they come in.







#1 All Systems Fabulous Grooming Spray.............16oz  $10.75




This grooming spray is formulated from all natural including but not limited to sunflower, coconut and corn oils. It contains a  lipid layer enhancer which deposits lipids on the skin. This increases the softness and moisturizing of the skin with prolonged use(3-7 days) this product helps to prevent matting and tangling, static and splitting even when the hair gets wet. The spray coats the hair with lipids that are positively charged to repel negatively charged dirt from adhering to the coat.


to dilute this product, you can mix 1 and a half oz with 4oz of water and spray on problem areas of the coat.




#1 All Systems Super-Cleaning and Conditioning Shampoo

ph balanced........................16oz $10.49




A specialty formulated shampoo rich in conditioners which cleanses thoroughly without stripping or softening and rinses out quickly and completely to leave a sparkling, residue free coat. This product also aids in reducing mats and tangles because it only removes excess oil and dirt, not the natural oil. Gentle enough to use everyday. Safe for even the most sensitive skin, and coats, puppies, lactating bitches and cats.




#1 All Systems Biotanical Conditioner...............16oz $16.45




Tames Texturizes, Detangles and shines the most difficult coats. 1-2 Table spoons of product into a quart of warm water. Great product.





#1 All Systems Color Enhancing Biotanical Conditioner in red/brown, platinum, midnight. Contains natural herbal extracts, silk and UV color absorber for color protection. Does everything that is in the product above but also enhances the color of your dog. Works quite well .....................................................16oz. $17.45









#1 All Systems Professional formula Whitening/ Brighteining Shampoo Safe for all colors. Takes out stains in the coat it highlights and brightens all colors. Especially recomended for Blacks, Silvers, Whites and Creams.................................16 oz. $ 9.47 




#1 All Systems Self Rinse Shampoo and Conditioner. This is a product that when a full bath is not practical or nessesary. When there is just certain areas of the dog that need cleaning and refreshing and deodorizing. You would spray it on, work it into the coat a with your fingers, then take a clean dry terry towel or paper towel to blot away the excess product and complete by blow driing while brushing

the coat dry.  It will not leave any residue on the coat once it has dried. ...................................16 oz. $9.47







#1 All Systems Crisp Coat is made especially for the terrier type coat, and other breeds that have that hard crisp coat. It does not dry the coat or the skin out and will put back the snap back into the coat....................16oz. $9.95







We have just gotten a shippment in of brushes and combs. All quality made and will last for many years to come.




We have small slicker brushes $8.37 for small dogs


                      medium slicker brushes ....$9.54

                      Large slicker brushes .....$ 10.71



Triangular slicker for sensitive spots ...$ 9.54



Oblong Pin Brush........................... $14.95


Medium Crs. Comb.................7.5"   $19.95



Fabulous Dematting comb........ $25.95

This comb works wonders!!!!       I just love it



Poodle Comb............................9.5" $23.75





           plus shipping and handling






We can get gallons in if you are wanting them. Email me or call me and let me know if you want anything that I don't have here in either of these brands.





























Dilute 30:1

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