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               "Meet Nathan"




                                 *red lettering indicates Champions*

                                  title holders and TP:Top Producers

AKC/UKC CH. DeRay's Four On The Floor  (7/16/2006-)

                Five generation pedigree:





AKC/UKC CH.DeRay's Four On The Floor


AKC/UKC CH Praver's Rodeo Dr. TP [BLACK]


AM CH Outrageous Of Midnight
AM CH Veni Vidi Vici Of Midnight [BLK]
AM CH Agape's Jubilee Of Nor-Zel TP [BLK]
AM CH Nor-Zel Mr Lucky Of Midnight [BLK]
AM CH Nor-Zel's Headmistress [BLK]
AM CH Society Page Of Midnight TP [BLK]
AM CH Richelieu Of Midnight [BLK]
Gala Of Midnight [BLK]
AM CH Perfidia Of Midnight TP [BLK]
AM CH Headmaster Of Midnight TP [BL
AM CH Edward Of Midnight [BLK]
AM/CAN CH Midnight Star Of Carrollton [BLK]
AM CH Alcor Onyx Of Midnight [BLK]
AM CH Monte Cristo Of Midnight [BLK]
AM CH Edrita Personality On Parade CD [BLK]
 AM.CH Praver's Jamiel Just Do It [BLK]
AM CH Explosive Of Midnight TP [BLACK]
AM CH Nicholas Of Mulali TP [BLK]
AM CH Aizbel The Heir Apparent TP [BLK]
AM CH Jacqueline Of Mulali [BLK]
AM CH Society Page Of Midnight TP [BLK]
AM CH Richelieu Of Midnight [BLK]
Gala Of Midnight [BLK]
AM CH Praver's Jolie Jamel TP [BLACK]
AM CH Praver's Avant Guard [BLK]
AM CH The Saracen Of Midnight TP [BLK]
AM CH Praver's Mistique [BLK]
AM CH Dkl's Wynd Chyme [BLACK]
AM CH Dkl Max Of Charmz [BLK]
AM CH Dkl's Wind Song [BLK]





























De Ray's Young And Restless TP


De Ray's His Nibs [BLK]
AM/CAN CH Eaglehill Ravendune Regalia TP [BLK]
AM CH Halcyon Heir To Rembrandt [BLK]
AM CH Marney-Halcyon Mandate TP [BLACK]
AM CH Halcyon Heiresy TP [BLK]
AM CH Eaglehill's Curtain Call TP [BLACK]
AM CH Randomwind Chase The Clouds TP [BLK]
AM CH Eaglehill Prim-N-Proper TP [BLK]
De Ray's Miss Nibs
AM CH De Ray's Boy Wonder [BRN]
AM CH Shanchee Up Jumped The Devil [BLK]
Ravendune Miss New York [BLK]
Knau's Fancy Dance V J-Glen
AM CH De Ray's Black Tie Kanu [BLK]
JR's Redwood Heaven Bound
De Ray's Candy Kiss [BLK]
AM CH Madfir Sgt Preston Of The Rcmp [BLACK]
AM CH Ardynas The Regal Eagle [BLK]
AM CH Jet Set Of Midnight TP [BLK]
Ardynas Swan Song [BLK]
Madfir Lou Gin Kiss Me Again [BLACK]
AM CH Kiyara Name Your Pleasure TP [BLK]
AM CH Bedingfield Miss Moppet [BLK]
De Ray's Box Of Chocolate
De Ray's Pathfinder [BRN]
AM CH De Ray's Boy Wonder [BRN]
De Ray's Most Unforgettable
De Ray's Guardian Angel
AM CH De Ray's Boy Wonder [BRN]
De Ray's Annie

        We have recently aquired this

           handsome young man from


       "Poodles by DeRay"










                          " Indiana"


 Nate is the result of 4 long time dog show


 judges breeding beautiful miniature poodles


 for many, many years and we think he will be


a wonderful addition to our breeding program.



Found Nathan relaxing on my bed after he messed it up. This is his innocent look.

Nathan has been tested for:

PRA: Clear

Hips: Good

Elbows: Normal

Patellas: Normal


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