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Can not hold a puppy without a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable


Our babies come with  6 weeks  of  free pet  health insurance,

2 year guarantee against any crippling genetic disorders, Canadian Kennel Club registered micro-chipped and lifetime

                  support from us.                               


Puppy deposits are non-refundable reserve deposits, to hold your puppy.


I can not hold a puppy without a commitment to the puppy for the life of the dog. This is a very serious commitment and should not be entered into lightly or on a whim. Buying a puppy in a pet store is very dangerous and usually are bought on a whim. Once you walk out the door they just sold a life. And they don't care more than that. 

Puppy Mills are even worse are supported by pet stores.

I am not a pet store or a Puppy Mill, and offer you much more than a pet store  would for a puppy than a pet store  could ever do. 

Please think seriously before adding a puppy as a new member to your family. 

A puppy grows into an adult, they  are not until dogs, until I have kids, until I move, until they get old.

Forever homes mean just that Forever 12-15 years

My babies are not garage dogs, basement dogs or yard dogs. And deserve a safe place with a loving family that will love them forever. That will take them for grooming, feed good food not cheap garbage. Raw is the best, not over vaccinating is very important to me. Vet care if and when needed, without thought to cost. What matters is the health of the dog


Pet Health Insurance that I provide should be extended by you once the 6 weeks runs out as accidents happen in seconds. One lady adopted a puppy from  me and within the week there was an accident and she saved thousands having the extra insurance on the dog. It is very much a  life saver.


      Please think before making    



Puppy Classes, obedience classes etc... helps to socialize and bond to the family that has adopted them.  Less issues and helps to let the dog know acceptable behavior and non-acceptable behavior. More positive experiences the better for a puppy as they are growing up. Teach your children and grandchildren to respect the puppy/dog without allowing them to sit on, hit, pull ears or tail etc... See the pet store doesn't share like I do, I care about all the puppies I adopt out. You have lifetime support with my puppies and I want them all to have the best homes possible.  Can not be shy about keeping in touch now and then. I like to see how the puppies have changed in the temper and conformation as well.

The Truth

I can not tell a lie, I have taken a 7year old dog back after the couple of elderly people had him for 7years. They said,

"he bites".

So we kept him for a month without any problems. Was putting him up on the website, he was a wonderful little dog, I thought. Then came the truth. I wasn't sure which dog was getting in my way as I was trying to get something from the bottom cupboard. I pushed the dog away, he came back and I pushed him away and said "No" He came back and I pushed and he viciously bit me without any warning, it was not a slight nip, it was extremely painful had bruising for a week or more. Yes it hurt physically and mentally and sadly we had to make a decision for what we should do as responsible breeders. I couldn't let him go to another family. I took him off the website and we made the appointment for the vet at our cost. He could not be trusted for anyone. If the people had done the things that I told them to do, it would not have become a problem. The man seemed to have dementia but it was his dog and he cried, it broke my heart. When ever there is a problem, I am here with my advise as close as the phone or a computer. I am there for my babies, to take & re-home. Even if the end needs to be helping them along to the Rainbow Bridge.

Difference Between Boys and Girls

I was raised with girls and never wanted a boy ever. It was the usual reasons. They lift their legs, they hump etc...

That is not necessarily the truth but the truth is, girls hump too lol. Boys do lift their legs to pee, but once neutered, before their hormones catch up, and if you go to my page on crate training, you should never have a problem with a male lifting their leg in the house. You have to be vigilant and go out with them each and every time and praise them "a lot" Males in every species seem to need more praise lol . Right now, if I had only one But I do have 4 males 3 intact.

Difference between boys and my choice of one dog I could keep, out of all of them, I would have a hard time choosing between a boy and one of my girls. My boys are so loving, affectionate, loyal and happy. I guess it was who you were raised with girls or boys, but don't toss the boys aside for old wives tales. They are precious too. You just have to do your job from the very beginning, don't get lazy about it and you will be surprised at just how easy it has been. He only wants to make you happy and face it, a dog that is house trained properly will make you very happy. I even have people say that their dog has been trained to ring a bell beside the door to ask to go outside. Just remember that all males- need praise. Not cause they did a good job but because you need to notice when he has done something that took him days, weeks and years after you told him that you need something done, puppies are quick learners boy or girl but need praise every time they do their job right.


I lost my Hotmail account because I forgot my password, so have a

 @gmail account 

So with the loss of the other account, I lost the wait list. So if you want to be on the list, let us know. Once puppies are born, we let the wait list know first. Once the wait list has grown, the puppies do not last very long at all.

A non-refundable reserve deposit is needed to hold a puppy for you.

Remember only non-refunable reserve deposits will hold a puppy for you

If you want to send us information about yourselves please email with the subject Puppies in the topic line.

We want to know everything about the homes that our babies may be going to live. so while emailing us, let us know lifestyle, and anything else that you think is important when adopting a new born baby.

We do not let any of our babies go home until the Vet gives the OK at 8 weeks old.


Sire Am.Champion Makay's Masterpiece in Brown

AKA: Johnas

Sire of these babies


Sorry there are no litters available or planned for the next couple of years.

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