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Groomrooms Miniature Poodles

"The Ladies of the House"

We love all of our girls and they are all different with personalities and mannerisms. I have described a little bit about each of our girls below. There is much more to say about them but I could go on forever...

  Miss Lacey  & Grandson Ozzy

Rosie, Coquette and Noah.

        (litter mates)


"Groomroom's Redneck Woman"

 Miss Tess


Ginger before she came home.


Gretchen just after arriving home.

"Groomrooms Lady in Red"


Fancy watching TV with Dad                  (quiet time)

Gone to a new family a few years ago. They love her very much

"Groomroom's Contessa"



           Miss Chloe

"DeRay's Chocolate Dream at Groomroom"

Miss Gretchen

             Miss Ginger

 But not as much of a hand full than Chloe a little brown girl that has another year before we decide to breed her. 

The thing about colours is true. The browns are like terriers very much into everything. They seem to be the longest to grow up, but is worth the wait.

             Miss Coquette


             Miss Candi



             Miss Jasmine

Jasmine has been retired

All of our dogs, girls and boys have been tested eyes, hips, elbows. All puppies are guaranteed for 2yrs for crippling genetic disorders. then outside breed standards for show dogs only. I can not guarantee size in puppies at only 8 weeks

We do have a little girl out of  Tess and Johnas Her name is: 

"Groomroom's Black Pearl"

 She is still very young. Photo to come

Then we have a little girl from Chloe and Johnas Her name is

 "Groomroom's Brown Sugar" 

She is a year old now this July

Photo to follow soon.

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