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 Hi Dale


Guess what?  I’ve been so busy with FARGO between walks, potty trips

etc. Several times I have thought about getting an e=mail off to you but I

’m pretty busy these days as you can imagine. But here goes finally...


Fargo is a great little bundle of love.  He is pretty much house trained – err

maybe it’s me who is housetrained.  I live in a house that is all ground level

so its easy to go in and out.  He is starting to hold everything all night

so we are getting there.  He is VERY smart.  He sits on command (get’s a

cheese treat) he has to sit & wait before I put his dinner down.  He is

walked twice a day through the woods and comes when called by name.

also comes when I blow the whistle.  We are having much fun learning

about climbing over logs, digging in the moss, carrying sticks and poking

our noses in everything.  I haven’t taken him to the beach itself yet as he

likes to pick up pebbles &  and our beach is rocks and sand.  Normally I

shower but I plan on introducing him to the water(bathtub) where we can

have a bath and learn about water in a small environment.  All my scottie

dogs loved their bath because I  took them in with me – they would come

running when the bath was turned on wanting to get in.  What fun I am

having, I’m sure Fargo is to.  Many thanks for a beautiful little dog....Diane

Hi Dale

Here is Fisher a year later. He is a great dog. Lives well after his name. He loves water. Loves to play! Adores his ball. Makes me laugh everyday. If I had a bigger house I would have two! Tanks for raising great dogs. 



Hi Dale,

I just thought you would like to know that Cyrus is doing great here. We are all thrilled with him and love him very much. He has such a sweet, gentle and loving disposition. It's only until we've had Cyrus here that I've realized how much I have missed having a dog and what a difference it makes in a person's life. I love the fact that he loves to cuddle. When I cuddle him it takes away any stress I'm feeling. He is adjusting to city life and enjoys his numerous daily walks and playing with Emily! 

I guess you know he even likes to watch the news on TV. He started to growl 

when he saw scenes of an accident, I think it was in the Fraser Canyon, and an RCMP officer on TV. We were all surprised at that. The first evening he was with us, he took turns sitting on everyone's lap for about five minutes and then would go to the next person's lap and so on. It was a happy moment to see him wag his tail for the first time when the boys were playing with him. 

He's such a wonderful dog and I can't tell you how happy I am that we have him but I guess you already knew how great he is! Hope you had a good trip back home. 


Hi Dale,

It has been awhile since I sent you an update on Bandit. He is doing great! This May we entered our first CKC Obedience Trial and did four trials over two days. He qualified in all trials and earned his Companion Dog title. This past Saturday we did a trial with the clubs I belong to and again he passed both, earning him his CD for the club. I go twice a week now with Bandit, one day we do Rally Obedience the other we do regular obedience. He is a definite momma’s boy and when we try and leave the room for our long sits and downs he panics and runs all over the ring. He’ll get it; it is just a matter of time. He loves being a farm dog, if he can find something smelly and disgusting to roll in all the better, unfortunately it is usually on a day when time is short and it is hard to fit the bath and blow dry in. He enjoys playing with his friends and leaping in the air trying to catch birds as they fly over head. He is one tired but content dog at night and tends to sleep curled up beside me on the couch or bed. I can’t imagine my life with out Bandit in it.


Hi Dale.


Rosie is doing great! She has settled in nicely and is learning our routine. I have started letting her off leash in one of the far fields, and she loves being able to run and play with the others. She does what Bandit does when he runs, and that is putting extra jumps in as he goes. It is pretty cute to see the two of them going full out. I definitely need to watch her at feeding time or she gobbles down her dinner and then tries to steal Fox and Bandit’s, she seems to know not to try and get Wendy’s. She and Bandit both share my lap when I’m on the couch, and she makes sure she is first on the bed at night to get a good spot. I still need to get batteries for my camera, and then I can take some pictures. Thank you again for letting me have her.



Hi Dale,

Ozzie is doing great.  We've had lots of people ask where we got him.  I recently had a puppy-sitter come running out of a house and gave me her card, and she wanted to know where we got him.  She wrote down the name of your website.  It was kind of funny - we were just out walking and she saw him from her window and came flying out and had to see him.   

He is booked to get neutered at the end of the month.    He is learning well from Poochies dog training classes  - he does well with sit, down, stay, watch me.

We love this little guy - he sure is a great addition to our family.   We are taking a trip back  to the Yukon in May - he will be flying on the jet with us.  Unfortunately he is too big to come in the cabin, but the airline has assured us it is a heated compartment and will go no less than 5 degrees.   We just didn't feel comfortable leaving him behind, so we have found accommodations that are dog-friendly and he gets to meet all his extended family.

Take care!


Hi Dale,

We've been away & I'm just now catching up on emails...

Congratulations on finishing up your courses.  Will you be able to work close by your home?

Thank you for doing such a good job with your puppies.  Moki is turning into a very nice little dog.  Clearly, we are a little biased, but he is a very handsome little fellow & walks about in such a jaunty fashion that he often has people commenting on how handsome he looks.  He is also impressively energetic with tons of energy to spare.  When we are away occasionally, his babysitter gets quite a kick out of him and his antics.   He is now running up to 5 Km with me which is quite nice.  He is the 4th poodle we've had now, & he has the biggest appetite we've ever seen in one of our dogs.  It is gratifying to see so much enthusiasm for his food, but we have to measure it out or else we're quite sure he could easily blimp out.  He is a pretty 'alpha' sort of dog with a desire to take charge - he would if we let him -  but with a little work & training, he is coming along quite nicely.  He is quite a happy & cheerful soul.  We are very happy with him.

Anyways, I'm glad you were able to add a couple of those pics of him to your website.  (Yes, the second image is from Tofino.)

Have a good summer.  Hopefully the monsoons will end soon & you can see the sun.  One of our boys is doing forest fire fighting this summer.  Hopefully he won't be needed up your way this summer.

All the best & cheers.


Hi Dale,

all went excellent on the trip, she is a little pleaser .

Cassi sleeps on your lap  if you tell  her to all you have to do is make a deep breath and shut your eyes and she closes her eyes and lets out a big breath and she goes to sleep . she only let out a little whine when i put her in her crate to sleep and she slept all night. she has been going out side so far but is not totally positive why she is supposed to be out there. I have a puppy pad out there now and will get her to go on the grass real soon. She wouldnt drink our water as she likes the bottled best plus she sees Mickey drinking out of it and she knows what it is .She comes when called and only pulled on her leash once and it scared her so if she feels a tug she comes right away. I just cant believe she is ours and how pleased we are to have her. I think she really likes Mickey she even cries if he disapears for a minute. She follows us all over the house and if we stop in the room anywhere she sits at your side till you go again. I know there will be the odd oops or set back but we are well prepared  so thanx Dale and we will keep in touch for sure.


                                                          Bunnyand Mickey

Hi Dale, 

So things are going really well with Crosby. He has had his check from our vet who said he is a magnificent looking poodle, so no problems there, he has had his shots so he can fully socialize with dogs in our area. So health wise Crosby is doing well. Thank you for your good breeding. 

So to give you a bit of a understanding of Crosbys personality. He sleeps to play. No really if he isnt sleeping he needs to play, he has so much energy which is great and exhausting at the same time but we love it. With our work schedules he dosent spend have to spend too much time alone which has been good, but when we do come home you can see he is so happy we are back. I have come back home from work a couple of times with friends and Crosby has completely ignored them to get his attention from us first, so i really think he know who his mum and dad are first....but after 2 mins he playing with everyone again. So many people stop us in the street to interact with him and i know he loves all the attention. He loves coming up to new people and letting them pet him and him smell them out. We have been going to a small dog - dog park in stanley park and he has a whole bunch of friends i guess down there he plays with most days. There are maybe about 10 regular dogs there everyday and he is not afraid of other dogs, bigger or smaller, he will play with them all and holds himself with some of the bigger dogs. I took him down to the beach yesterday and he had his first swim in the ocean , he just ran and jumped straight in, i think the cold kinda of shocked him a bit, buit he was out about 5 meters, swimming around, we he came back out, it was kinda funny to see what he actually looked like with his dog hair all wet, drowned rat comes to mind. . He is such a fun and inquisitive dog. We are really happy.

Once we sort out our broken camera we will send you some pictures of Crosby, he is around 7 pounds now so very different from when we first got him



Hi Dale,

 Getting close to Emsie's eight-month birthday and the pup has had a fine summer.  She has a host of dog friends that she socializes with on the frequent walks.  Gets to run free across golf course on evening walks (and runs like crazy). She displays all the instincts of a dog – digging, scratching, chewing, torturing the cat and so forth – and of course gobbling up everything in sight.  In fact after a trip to dog ER I decided no more running free on the beach.  She disappeared a day or two after a dead cat turned up on bluff above the beach and reappeared trotting down steps to the beach with a five inch object that looked like a bone hanging out both sides of her mouth.  Then swallowed it up right in front of me.  Off we went to 24 hour dog ER.  One injection to throw up, a second 20 minutes latter to stop and out came Emsie bouncing around happy as ever as if nothing had happened.  It turned out to be a 5 or 6 inch length of cat gut.  For some reason the vet seemed very impressed.


I guess she is a mess but I am very happy to have her and I think she is pretty happy to have me.  I added a few pictures to Picasa web site in case you are interested.  She really is a fine looking dog and I wish I could capture the way she sits when she is trying to figure things out – super erect.  It’s very endearing. 


Did you have a nice summer?  Do anything exciting? 


Hope you are making progress with your career plans and your husband has been able to spend some more time at home this summer.



So Annie has been with us for six months now.  I LOVE HER!  We are a good match for each other.

Annie definitely has a terrier personality - she is sort of a Jack Russel with curls; one tough, but sweet, bitch.  I have never had a poodle with this type of personality.  I assume it is just her and not a trait of miniatures.  (fyi - measured Annie, a couple of months ago, at 15 1/2 inches +/- a quarter inch?)

Annie rules all the dogs at the barn, including the Aussie and the Belgian Shepherd.  The Aussie is Annie's best friend that Annie has no trouble keeping up with and taking out.

Unfortunately Annie is a bit too bold and has no fear of the horses.  I have to keep her tied up when we are riding because she runs under the horses all of the time.

The standard poodle that we where fostering went on in February to a show home.  So Annie just has the cats to keep her company when I am at work.  My son tells me that she and the one cat sleep together on the couch waiting for me to get home.  He says they tell time - they get up a noon and 4:30 to wait by the door for me.  Despite her independent ways, Annie is a very devoted companion.  (So is the cat :))

My husband is not Annie's biggest fan.  She is too independent for him.  In fact he was muttering that we should get a second dog - a male doberman or boxer - that would keep Annie in her place.  Good luck on that.

I am considering the idea of getting a rescue dog to keep Annie and my husband company.  (Thought of a greyhound, but often they are not good with cats.)  If we do get another dog, it will need to be a sweet boy softie that will come when my husband calls him.  We certainly don't need a watch/guard type dog, Annie has that covered.

Thanks again Dale.

p.s.  I know - still no pictures


Hi Folks

Just to give you an update on Morgan. He is a great little dog with a big heart and loves to please.
Easy going and fun.
This shot was taken today. Hope all is well.

Dear Dale and Neil,
I just wanted to let you know that we are still so thrilled to have Gracie in our lives. I think about her often throughout the day when I am at work and Doug (who works mostly from home) sometimes calls me to tell me about something cute she has done - yes, we are kind of pathetic :) We still take her with us for most of our festivals, which are usually one day on the weekend throughout the spring and summer or my mom stays with her for the day, cause mom now lives in the same townhouse complex - she says Gracie is her Grand-dogger
 At least 5 times a week Gracie and I go for an hour's walk - we are close to lots of nature trails and the riverfront...she looks so forward to it that, even if I am feeling lazy, I can't let her down. She has a coat to wear if it is rainy or cold. But on the odd day we don't go she has her yard to play in. She enjoys it quite a bit, but really she is very much like a cat with the in and out, and in and out. I've attached a picture of her relaxing in her yard, one playing ( we have since found smaller balls designed for minatures) and one of her looking kind of sleepy on the bed. It was the day before her grooming so her coat looks a little shaggy, but she goes to the groomers every 5 weeks. I brush her in between visits, but she still doesn't have a lot of patience for it, so we just keep the mats at bay at best. We found a poodle specialist groomer in Fort Langley.
 Once in a while we tell her the story about how we searched for months in the newspaper for her, and looked all over the internet until we came to your website and saw her picture and knew she was the one for us. Thank you again for our lovely little girl.
Jennifer and Doug

Dear Dale,
We had Jesse neutered in December, we had signed a non-breeding certificate when we got him and really had no intention of breeding him because we live in a condo. If we lived in a house, I would love to have more dogs, but alas, house prices are way out of our reach. Have a Happy New Year and we will keep checking your website and recommending you to everyone who asks where we got him.
Best Wishes,
Marianne and Jack

Hi Dale, 
Joey just wants to wish his sister a happy half- birthday! We are having a happy day and Joey has a new toy to play with. He is growing so well and is such a sturdy little fellow. He very seldom barks - maybe only five little woofs since we've had him. Every one who meets him takes to him right away. He loves to play and chase around but is very calm as well. I quite marvel at how intelligent he is. He is the best dog in the car that we have ever had and just loves to go for car rides. I tell every one who shows an interest that he has a lovely sister and how to get in touch with you. Hope all is going well, Priscilla

Some references from families that have adopted one or more of our babies. 


Hey how's it going?? Can you guess who this is? It's Marcia's daughter, Emily. I just wanted to say Hi to you all and that Brandy is doing GREAT!! We love him so much with his sillyness and playfulness. He is such a good dog and he keeps me safe when I'm home alone. I hope I sent you the right picture of him running at the park. My friend gave me this e-mail address and her name is Brandi. She was shocked that I had a dog named with the name as her. Well any way, it's nice to have a pet that's always by your side like Brandy. With lots and lots of love,
Emily + Family + Brandy


Hello Dale


I wanted to update you on our little man. 

 We have named him “Koa”, which in 

Hawaii means brave and fearless.  I am crate

 training him, although we still 

have many accidents.  We have a dog run at


the side of our house where Ollie 

does his business and Koa now is catching on

 what happens when we goes out 



Although my husband was rather stunned

 when Koa arrived, it was a surprise, 

he has to fight with the kids to get his time with

 him.  We took Koa for his next

set of shots today and everything seems fine.

I have attached a few photos, not the

 greatest quality because from my phone, 

so you can see the difference in size but they

 really do play.  Hope all is well.




Mimi MacLeod

We have had our dog since the end of June 2008 and he was about ten months old 
when purchased. He arrived healthy, 
groomed and clean and with his medical records.

I have had poodles as pets as a child so I kind of knew what to expect. Brandy 
is a wonderful, good-natured dog. 
He is playful and loving and not "yappy" as some people claim poodles to be. He 
barks "appropriately" meaning he 
can recognize a familiar knock on the door and seems to know when it's a 
stranger. When there is a familiar knock 
he doesn't bark. When my 12-year-old daughter is alone with Brandy at home she 
feels protected with him there with 
her. The lady who clips Brandy for me has said he is just about the best-behaved 
dog she grooms. All this doesn't 
surprise me because poodles are highly intelligent and trainable dogs. I could 
go on and on about how great he is, 
but I think you get the picture.

I am not an "internet purchaser" but I really wanted a miniature poodle and I 
liked Dale's website and what she 
wrote on there. It was my first internet purchase and our transaction went 
smoothly and the dog was delivered when 
promised. I would definitely buy another dog from Dale again. 

Brandy is a healthy, happy dog and we have had absolutely no problems of any 
sort with him. Even people in our 
complex who don't particularly like dogs, like him. Email me back if you have 
any other questions. I hope this is 
helpful to you.


Feeding Time for the first time without Momma

Hi Dale – Happy New Year.
Here are some pictures of FARGO for you to enjoy and see
how he is doing.  It is really hard to get good pictures because
as you know the dark color needs lots of light.  He is a little over
4 months old in all the pictures.  The latest picture is the one where
he is reaching up for the marrow bone.  I put it on the table to get
him to reach up for a side view.  He had just had his first haircut
and looks very poodle.
Fargo is a GREAT dog.  Very smart and responsive.  He is going to
obedience class and is ahead of the other dogs.  He already sits
waits for his dinner.  Comes when called.  House broken.  Jumps
through hoops, goes to his crate on command, exercises on my
treadmill chases a tennis ball and returns it to me (for a reward)
       I can hardly wait to start agility with him.  Jan. 29th is
his surgery.  He is a showy, little guy, loves the world and is up to
whatever happens.  I have already taken him to Kiwanis Seniors
home.  He is well socialized and has 4 doggy friends.  So rest
assured that you gave him  to a wonderful home.  I’ll stay in touch.
Enjoy the pictures


Groomroom's Four Wheel Drive

 AKA Jet being loved by

 Maureen and Stan in Chase BC

.Hi Dale,

Just thought I’d give you a quick update on how Ricco’s doing.  As you can see he’s getting big already, we’ve been going to puppy preschool on Sundays and getting him socialized with all the other little pups in the class.  He absolutely loves it, and his best friend is Andy a little Yorkshire Terrier that is the same age and size as him (not for much longer though, I expect).  He comes on call and sits with hand signals, we’re working on “leave it”.  He sure is smart and has been the star of the class each week, he picks it up so quickly.  He loves his backyard and has pretty much commandeered all of the cats toys, each night I have to go around and pick them all up.  He keeps us entertained and will play like mad, then comes to me to be picked up and cuddled when he’s tired.  If he flips himself onto his back in my arms I know it’s nap time.  Our granddaughter says he’s just the right size for her lap, and he’s the twinkle in her eye, it was love at first sight (see attached photo).  I waited until he was a little bigger before I introduced the two of them, as she can be a little rambunctious at times, and I was afraid he was to small, when we first got him.  Everybody who sees him, loves his coloring and a few have asked where I got him, so don’t be surprised to see your requests for puppies go up. J 
Thanks again for him………….I’ll send more pictures as he gets bigger.   

Hi there,

Just want to let you know that Sugar has an appointment next Wednesday at Shaw Pet and Equine Hospital for her pre-op for spaying.  On that day, after the exam, we will set the date for her spaying.

She is a rascal, but settling down and starting to listen.  Getting great with the house training, but she's not there yet. Now she does ask out, but not 100% of the time.  This is good, means she is aware we 'pee outside!"  She is 12 pounds and 13 inches at the shoulder.  Lovely shape, just lovely, she is the desired square.  Same height as she is long.  I've let her coat get long, she has great 'cords' on the top of her head which are so cute.

She is crazy about the outdoors, I think I tell you that every time I write.  Loves to fetch balls, and hunt for balls especially.  At home, you won't believe this, she actually puts her balls or her bones under the couch and tries to get them out.  We get them out, and she puts them under again.  It gets pretty boring I'll tell you so I just quit.  But she loves to have to look for things.

Her and my 4 year old cat love to play together.  Think I tell you that every time too!!! I'll come up with new information next time.  You know, nothing cuter than a puppy, but this girl just gets cuter as she grows.

Hope you are both well.  Haven't been to my mail box for about 4 days but will go tonight, the registration you sent is most likely in there.

jyoti & Sugar

Hi Dale,

Sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you. We've been busy getting two of our kids off to university and our youngest off to high school. 

All is going well with our little puppy. We have named her Euro. She is a curious and happy soul who tries to get into everything. She loves to run and play and is very interested in what is going on around her in the house and yard. 

We love her! She is not a big eater -- dry kibble doesn't seem to interest her overmuch. She eats about 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of it a day. Sometimes a bit more. I have bought IAMS puppy kibble.

We will send some photos soon. 

Her 12 week shots will be this week-end.

Hi Dale

He is doing really well. We have named him Double Trouble Barney Rubble and he is fitting right in. He has been out ice fishing a couple of times now and though he isn't found of Calgary's cold winter he is up for anything. We start puppy classes in Monday and he has been very smart in learning how to sit by hand and verbal commands without the training. He loves all his toys and watching and learning from the exciting things the older poodles are up to.  

If you would like any more updates just let us know!!

Ellie and Doug 

Hi Neil & Dale,
We celebrated Ricco's first birthday on Sunday (April 6th) by going to Pet Smart, I let him pick out his birthday gift. I set out a couple of toys and a mixture of bones on the floor and he went straight to the one he wanted. It was quite funny, and he was a bit distracted by the attention he was getting from all the customers. His coloring and great disposition warrants him a lot of affection. One lady asked if he was a Spoodle (Spaniel and Poodle) when I told her he was a purebred Poodle she acted like she was shocked, like she'd never seen a purebred before.
He has completely won over the entire house. He had my heart in the first few moments that I got him, but his big sister Kobey didn't want anything to do with him. She wouldn't even stay in the same room if he was there. I had to keep an eye on them at first. As you can see by the picture they've become great buddies and I often find them sitting or laying on the back of the couch, looking out the window. They play well together also, either Ricco is chasing Kobey or vice versa. It's been great exercise for Kobey, however she tends to tucker out first (she's about 10 yrs old) and then has to let Ricco know that it's time to stop. I've tried to get it on video, but as soon as I get the camera out they immediately stop and look at me. We've had no problems with house training, and have completed Level 1 at Waggles Academy of Dogs. He's my little star, and we'll start Level 2 at the end of the month. He's very affectionate, when he's tired he comes to me to be cuddled before bedtime.
We love him very much, and are so grateful that he came into our lives. 
Hi Dale,  Hope the summer is going well for you this year. Here is just some recent pics of our favorite little girl.  She sure is a caricature though.
Cassi wants attention and if we are pre occupied she will come up to us and sit and tap our leg. If you don’t catch it right away she will stand up and tap your hand.  Then when she is acknowledged she will go to an empty dish or water dish and tap it.  She seems to speak to us in a silent lingo. She is extremely  smart.
She is also a social butterfly and excepts everyone with lots of happiness. Cassi loves kids and babies and puppies as long as they are nice and if not she just stays away from them. When she is out on her walks with dad  ,she will bring home a big stick or a ball if she finds it and stores it in her back yard. This dog knows all her toys names and has treated them all with the most gentle kindness. No ripping and chewing.  She loves to do figure eights around the living room or yard and will chase the stream of water from the hose as long as she doesn’t get wet. Cassi adapts to where ever or whatever we are doing at the time.
She is such a beautiful dog and we would have a dozen more if we had the age ahead of us to do so . We want to thank you again for helping us have this special dream come true for us. Cassi is our little love  .Thanks again Dale  good health to you and yours,  Mike and Bunny and Cassi
Hi Neil and Dale.

We received the registration certificate for

 Jacob about a month ago.
Jacob is doing fine. He is so loving to both of us. He keeps

 busy trying to keep track of the two of us.  He has lots of toys

 to play with in the back yard.

He eats like a horse.  He is always looking  in the kitchen for

anything that may have fallen on the flour.

He loves to travel and he is a good camper. He sleeps in his

 kennel at night, and only has got us up twice, because he had

 to go do his jobs. He had a few accidents in the house, but

 that was due to one of us just coming back home, and he was

 so excited that he would not leave us in the house, so you

 know what happen.

He knows now that he has to go outside as soon as one of us

returns home that he can do his jobs.

He picks his own raspberries off our canes, and a couple of

 week ago, we were out huckleberry picking, and he helped

 himself to the berries right off the bush.  He has so much


We have been in contact with Bella’s owners, and hope to

 take Jacob to see his sister.

We have been busy canning salmon, tomatoes, pears and

 salsa, so we have not had time to see Bella, but after this

 week-end we should have time.

We keep trying to get some pictures of Jacob, but a soon as

 we move to get the camera, he comes running to us.  We will

one day catch him off guard and we will be able to get some

When we take him to the groomers for his hair cuts, they say

 that he is well behaved. He loves to be brushed and combed.

Penny has got him rolling over, sitting up for treats. She will

 be working on getting him to dance and also to smile. Penny

 can get my brother’s dog to sing for treats. I imagine that

 she will also get Jacob  singing one day.

He still like to nip at your feet and fingers as well a lick a lot.

We are slowly winning at getting him to stop doing those


When we go see Bella, we will try to take pictures of the two

 of them and then send them to you.
Penny is ready to go shopping, so I will close now.

Until next time
Graham & Penny.

"Groomroom's Jacob in Twilight"

Hi Dale !

Leo is doing amazing - he's such

 a happy adventurous little guy! 

He's been such a good fit for us.

 He loves to go for hikes and 

out on the boat / swimming at

 the beach park! He's happiest

when he's outside running around

 inthe fresh air. When we are at


he loves to play fetch with just

about every single toy. As active

as he is, he also is the biggest

cuddle bug! We love taking naps

with our real life teddy bear.

Everyone that sees him agrees

 as well and can't believe how

 soft / how much he really looks

 like a teddy. Leo 

is very eager to please, and

 every day becomes more

 interactive with us! You can see

 him trying to pick up on words

 and really 

listening to what we are telling


As far as interaction with other

 animals goes - he is extremely 

friendly and playful. He loves to

 play with all sizes of dogs, and


really hard to keep up with the

big guys. With have not seen any 

aggression whatsoever with him.

 He is gentle with smaller dogs,

 as well 

as with kids. Kids at the park

 love to come up and pet him

 because he 

is just so darn soft and


We cannot thank you enough for

 giving us the best addition to our 

family - he really is exactly what

 we were looking for in a dog. So 


Thank you!!

Sara & Tena 
Hi Dale
As agreed, please find attached a copy of the Veterinarians paperwork
to prove that FARGO is now neutered.
He is doing extremely well, really confident and ready to tackle anything.
He is a great little dog and is chewing on his raw marrow bone as I write
this.  We are still learning, being exposed to all kinds of things and I am
going to enroll  him in Agility next.  We are already doing some of the
agility things, jumping on low table and staying, walking up a sloped
plank, jumping through hoop etc. chasing & returning with balls
  I can hardly wait to move on.  The next
six weeks we are continuing with obedience.  He sits on command, shakes
a paw, goes down, leaves dropped food etc.  the list goes on. 
Hope your feeling better.....................Diane Reid

Hello Dale,

Thank-you for the kind words! Enzo has quickly found his place in our family, and now we can't imagine not having him around. Mona's parents and brothers have also become pretty attached and miss him when they haven't seen him in a few days. He's a pretty affectionate guy and is always enthusiastic (especially about playing fetch or tug).

We're impressed at how far he's come along in such a short time. His leash manners are coming along nicely and he gets along well with other dogs, big and small. He gets a lot of complements about his behaviour and good looks. :) 

To give you a quick update, we have started seeing some of his front milk teeth come out and some adult have teeth come in, so it looks like he's on track.

We're really happy that you have trusted us with Enzo. I don't think we could have asked for a more perfect companion. We're making sure he is getting plenty of attention and exercise, as well as positive training. He's a pretty happy little guy, and we're going to make sure he stays that way.

We'll keep in touch. Mona wanted me to attach a few more of the pictures that we have taken.

All the best,


Can never thank you both enough for this wonderful little

 dog.  There was not one peep out of him either on the drive

 home or THE WHOLE NIGHT!!  We simply cannot believe

 how smart and good and loving this little boy is.  He pees

 and poops outside, and loves his toys.  We will see what

 happens tomorrow when we both go back to work.  I am

 going to bring him to the office with me for the first

 couple of weeks.  I am booking a haircut for next weekend so he gets to know his groomer.


Hope you had a safe trip home.  Must have been kind of

 quiet.  I hope you are not too lonely with the little boys

 gone.  We sure love Barclay and today all our daughters and

 grand-daughters came over to meet him.  He won't meet the

 other dogs in the family for another week or two.


I will get this paperwork done tomorrow at work and sent

 back.  I will also send you some nice photos.  So very glad to

 finally have met you! Lynda & Leo



Hi Dale!

I hope your drive back home treated you and Neil well. I appreciate you and Neil so much for making the trip here. I hope we meet again, I would love to mak a visit out there sometime this summer with my new pup! He can get a haircut too! 

I am very happy to be a new mom to this boy. He loves to play. He does this funny thing where he shakes his toys while biting on them, its the cutest thing because his ears flop around and he shakes them around with so much energy! He is also very calm when he needs to be and the whole way home he was very calm. Everyone falls in love with him when they see him, and I tell them all about you and Neil and Grooms Rooms Miniature Poodles! One lady had heard about you guys and she was impressed! Thank you so much for doing what you do and the joy you bring to so many families is priceless :)

Best Regards,
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