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This page I felt I had to include in my website since it was brought to my attention.  It is a very interesting study from the Unniversity of Purdue and you can form your own opinions from reading it. It can be good reading for breeders and informative for people that are just interested in the well being of  their  family pets. There are afew other links that you might be interested in going to as well.



The site you go to is:  


by Catherine O'Driscoll (reprinted with permission)




 I found another site that is interesting.



This next site is different but amazing to look at. Wendy is a Whippet with a double muscle disorder and she has her own website. She is a 60lb. Whippet. It is not a touched up photo


     "Groomroom's Love Bandit" below is now one of Wendy's playpals on the farm.

                 He has since earned his CD (companion dog) title with the CKC. 



 If you are interested in educating your dog or puppy below is a good link to check out:


Then of course there is always Cesar


If you are interested in getting information from a vet that other veterinarians won't tell you go to:





                     "Groomroom's Love Bandit"

              Rosie and Ozzy's boy May 27th, 2007

For my American friends, here is a link for more beautiful miniature poodles. The lady's name is Melody Bardach and she owns Firelake Poodles

I have bought some of my beautiful dogs from her. Melody is honest and trustworthy. One of the most honest people that I have met in the Miniature Poodle World. She occasionally has a litter of poodle puppies from excellent bloodlines for forever homes, either pet or show quality. They are all beautiful.

Email Melody :  


visit her website at:

Scientific studies              &

    Healthy links


  1. Pet Food A Dog's Breakfast CBC Doc Zone - YouTube

This is a video called A Dog's Breakfast it is a documentary about dog foods, what is acceptable as dog food and may open your eyes to what you are paying for. May tell you why your dog has got cancer. Even the shine that is in the bags are poisonous.

If you have Netflix another documentary to watch is 

Eating Animals. Sure makes you wonder about what you are really eating, then of course your pets. copy and paste if you can't just click on link.

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